Too Faced Beauty Balm Face-Off: Challenge Accepted

When Too Faced presented its new Tinted Beauty Balm and asked us to measure it against our daily foundation routine, we invoked two words often spoken by one of the greatest television characters ever (HIMYM’s Barney Stinson): CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm is the brand’s version of a “BB Cream.” The adaption of this product into the U.S. market is thrilling.  We love that it’s part makeup, part skin care.

While it’s definitely a staple summer product due to its multi-tasking abilities, I find BB Creams to work year-round. The boost of hydration and soothing properties are perfect for colder weather. Too Faced’s Beauty Balm has a multi-mineral complex with vitamins A & E as well as chamomile to nourish skin. Sun protection is pretty decent with the addition of SPF 20.

During the Face-Off Challenge, I tested Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm (in shade one, Vanilla Glow) exclusively without any other SPF, moisturizer or makeup primer to see how it held up. I wore it for about 15 hours at a time and put it through the ringer. I compared it directly to a liquid foundation in my beauty routine that I quite love. So how did it fare? Let’s dissect the results.

Across eight categories, Too Faced won in six. Vanilla Glow is an ideal match for my fair-medium skin tone and melted in seamlessly. It reflects light and diffuses all imperfections. No additional highlighter needed! I was impressed with the coverage. I have a lot of redness around the nose, and this did a stellar job at evening it out. When I say diffuses imperfections, it really does that. It held up well all day without primer, and didn’t accentuate any dryness. However, I think for winter I will start to couple this with additional moisturizer.

As for the two areas it didn’t win out, it’s a bit of a split. While this didn’t accentuate my pores (because they’re small-ish), the product is really glowy. A slight dusting of setting powder on the forehead would have softened that for me and improved the longevity (which admittedly was already great). The formula is something I wavered on. I think Too Faced created a pretty awesome BB Cream. My hangup is the additon of Propylene Glycol so early on the ingredient list (#3). It’s used as a skin conditioning agent, but it’s an iffy ingredient. You’ll see this on a lot of products, but I wish it weren’t so high up on the label.

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm is $32 and available at Too Faced. Considering how well this fared in the challenge, we’d recommed giving it a try.