Tom Ford White Patchouli: You Aren’t in the Haight Ashbury Baby

I will just be blunt. Tom Ford totally lights my fire,  his contributions to the beauty world are visions of grandeur, decadent and beautiful. Mr. Ford takes this industry back to a time of glamour and into an ever so sought after sexy future. With his Tom Ford White Patchouli, he is giving us a classic fragrance…the Chanel #5 of the patchouli world.


The description states it’s a core of patchouli but my favorite moment is when the patchouli acts as a top note strong but fades quickly like the sun dimming behind the mountains at twilight, it’s mesmerizing. I love how the quick intensity calms under tones of soft white flowers and then is gently swaddled in delicate warm woods leaving my skin softly kissed for the day. Tom Ford has used fragrant notes to convey to one woman a very alluring story. Thank you Mr. Ford, someday I will venture into your world of Private Blends. I’m sure there are some very beautiful fragrances to be swept away in.

4 thoughts on “Tom Ford White Patchouli: You Aren’t in the Haight Ashbury Baby”

  1. never was a fan of patchouli back in the day, but Tom Ford’s White Patchouli takes ,e to mossy forests with wild white flowers and a touch of smoky patchouli.
    Elegant and inviting. I love it

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