New! Tokidoki at Sephora

Have you seen the new Tokidoki collection at Sephora yet? I spent some time playing around with it this weekend and I loved what I saw, there are some seriously fun pieces in this collection and you have to check it out.

I was instantly drawn to the Perfetto Eyeliner pens and the Fantastico Lip Ink markers, indulging my secret pen/marker fetish. Really, how could I pass up the chance to play with a new lip stain? 🙂

The whole line seems reasonably priced and with fun packaging to boot. Naturally, I picked up a few of the lip ink markers but the Perfetto Eyeliner pens have been on my mind since I swatched them on my hand. You can see swatches below of all the shades in the line.

Top row: Rondine Love, Sabochan, Ciao Ciao, Arlecchino, Mostro, Sandy, Carina and Donutella
Bottom Row: Cactus Friends, Nana Star, Carnivora, Peperincino and Rainbow Cloud

I polled the gals on Twitter about the Perfetto Eyeliner pens and the reviews are mixed but I am still very intrigued… the Arlecchino, Sandy and Carina shades are calling my name. I look at these and imagine my eyes with gorgeous navy, dark green and plum cat eye lines. The liner swatches on my hand stayed on forever so I’m dying to try these out but I’m waiting for the Sephora 15% off promo code available on the 8th. You’re jumping on that, right?

As for the Lip Ink markers, they are your standard felt tip pen lip stains  but I  still couldn’t stop myself from getting something from this collection. So I reached for Cactus Friends and Rainbow Cloud, taking care of my coral and nude lip color fixes. I’m not a fan of the pointed tip on these stains (or any pen style lip stain) because it creates too sharp of a line if not blended quickly but otherwise, it does the job.

Have you tried anything from of the Tokidoki collection at Sephora? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “New! Tokidoki at Sephora”

  1. I LOVE Tokidoki – have so many things with the cute little characters, so I must check this out at Sephora – thanks!

  2. I had a demo done last week using some of the products. The eyeshadows were great for the price, and very pigmented, but they left glitter all over my face. The glitter liners are gorgeous and hold up pretty well. The lip stains are lovely, but only lasted maybe an hour or so without fading, which is disappointing. And my favorite was the gloss! Vibrant colors and not sticky in the slightest! Hope this helped anyone looking into the line! 😀

  3. Kayla is 100% right – the gloss is to die for, shiny happy goodness in a tokidoki package 🙂

    I also went looking for the tokidoki sephora cosmetic bag cause the local Sephora ran out and I was dying to get one, so don’t give up girls!

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