Beauty VIP of the Week: Three Custom Color Caramel Rose Lip & Cheek Stain

This week Three Custom Color’s Caramel Rose Lip and Cheek Stain and I have been inseparable, actually we’ve been that way for the last few weeks. Since my hair is a darker than usual right now, I look a little paler so  this stain has been giving me a really pretty flush that warms me right up.

Caramel Rose is a gorgeous shade, the inspiration for this shade was the fresh sculpted look Three Custom Color co-founder Chad Hayduk was seeing emerge on the fall runways during New York’s Fashion Week. They wanted to create a multi-tasking shade that would give you an elegant, pulled together natural look and this shade does indeed do that.

Describing the shade is a little tricky. In the image here, it is a little more pink than what it really is in person. Then in my attempts to photograph it, it came out red and bolder than I think it really is. It is a perfect mix of pink and red that would work beautifully on everyone based on the intensity of the application. It can be a neutral or you can build on the application for more drama. It can be a red for the gal who’s a little hesitant of a full on red and it can be that “your lips but better”. Plus it is gorgeous on cheeks, I’ve been using just a tiny bit of it and it blends out really well without any tell-tale marks that you sometimes get with a stain since this is cream based.

I’ve tried Three Custom Color’s stains before and like them a lot but this is the only shade I can see myself really using to the fullest.  I am head over heels in love with Caramel Rose right now… you should get on board and we can explore this love together. 😉

3 thoughts on “Beauty VIP of the Week: Three Custom Color Caramel Rose Lip & Cheek Stain”

  1. Hi the caramel rose lip and cheek stain,can;t wait to try it.
    what i use right now is the 3 n 1 stick by jones roth cosmetics.
    i use it on my cheeks lips and above my cheek bones
    it high lights with just a touch of colors,a bit of glow.
    love it!

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