New! TheBalm Balmbini Palette

I have a weakness for palettes and this new theBalm Balmbini palette is so cute, but then again I think pretty much everything from theBalm is cute. 🙂 The image here is a little dull in comparison to the real thing, this palette is definitely a vibrant one in terms of packaging and shades.

At $28, I think this palette is a pretty good value and features some of theBalm’s staples. It includes blush in Downboy and Hot Mama (almost a NARS Orgasm dupe), highlighter in Mary-Lou Manizer, ShadyLady eyeshadow in Insane Jane and Jealous Jordana then lip color Read My Lips in Wanted and a special edition Tinted Gloss. If I didn’t have most of these things already, my wallet would be totally exposed and vulnerable.

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