Bringing Sexy Matte

One line that is very appealing to me is the Balm. I love their vintage packaging and the feel their line has. I picked up this product just because of the cute pinup on the front. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

The Balm Sexy Mama the Balm’s Sexy Mama is a mattifying translucent powder and it’s been in my bag ever since I got it. I’ve been using this powder to set my concealer and foundation and it works like a charm. It doesn’t leaves my skin looking powdery, it blends in very well and doesn’t leave any color behind. When I see a little shine coming on, I can add on layer of Sexy Mama on and it does not make me look cakey at all.

The packaging may be an issue for some but it’s not a problem for me at all. This powder is housed in a paper case and comes with a mirror just like some of it’s the Balm counterparts. The compact stays shut due to the magnetic closure in the case. The mirror isn’t the best mirror in the world but it works for touch ups and shouldn’t be enough to distract you from trying this product.

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