Pamper Your Hands

Sometimes hand soaps can be drying, especially if you wash your hands a lot during the day. This is where Terranova steps in to save the day. The have recently introduced new soothing hand washes that are worth looking into.

Terranova Lavender & Chamomile Tea Pure Comfort Hand Wash The first hand wash is the Lavender & Chamomile Tea Pure Comfort Hand Wash. It is a delight to use, the smell of lavender and chamomile tea just take over your senses making it naturally aroma therapeutic. It also features white tea which acts as a anti-oxidant to keep your hands looking young. This was my friend Stephanie’s favorite, being a sucker for lavendar anything.

Terranova Shea Butter Nourishing Hand Wash The other hand wash is Shea Butter Nourishing Hand Wash. This one was my favorite, being a sucker for anything with shea butter in it. It features some of the same ingredients as the previous hand wash such as aloe, lavender, comfrey and calendula, plus it includes white as well. This is also sulfate free, for those of us trying to get away from sulfates.

In our testing, we found that these hand washes lathered nicely, even the sulfate free one. Of course with the ingredients I mentioned, they smell amazing. The Lavender and Chamomile Tea hand wash smells just like the Pre de Provence’s Shea Butter Lavender liquid soap but at a better price. Most of all, we liked that this seemed to leave a soft finish on our skin. It didn’t tighten our skin, it left our hands nice and soft… almost like a primer for whatever comes next.