More Tea? Oh Yes, The Tea Extravaganza Continues

Having recently discovered Terra Nova, I feel that it is my duty to inform everyone about this line of products, it is great. This company has a very interesting background as well. Do you know where The Body Shop got their name from? Yep, this company, so there’s bound to be good stuff to talk about. This is another one of their products and I imagine it certainly won’t be the last one that I rave about.

Greentea_1 We all know that green tea scented products are all the rage right now but here’s a product that takes this note and pairs it with something else just as delicate. The result is Sakura and Green Tea Body Wash. I didn’t know what Sakura was before I tried this product but I came to learn that it is a Japanese cherry blossom. Being a fan of anything with the smell of or word “cherry” in it, I can’t help but like this. This shower gel is wonderful on the senses. The scent is clean and fresh and just wakes you up. I also liked how moisturizing this shower gel was, my skin feels great after using this. With ingredients like coconut oil, sea kelp, ginseng and the anti-oxidant benefit of green tea, it nourishes the skin as well. I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of this collection.

As with the Red Tea and Cocoa Blossom line, there’s also a whole bunch of Sakura and Green Tea goodness available. Take a look at Sakura & Green Tea Silky Body Massage Oil, Sakura & Green Tea Shea Butter Hand & Body Cream, Sakura & Green Tea Cologne Mist (a nice fresh scent) and Sakura & Green Tea Botanical Watermist.

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  1. I loved Terra Nova but haven’t been able to find it in stores in Canada since the late ’90’s!!! Do you know of any retailers here? (Canada customs considers perfumes explosives so US online companies won’t ship here…)
    Help Me, Product Girl!!

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