Ten or Less: HandsDown Ultra Nail Pads & Soak-Off Nail Wraps

While Laurie and I were in New York for The Makeup Show, we decided to stop and get manicures. After meeting with a lovely PR gal and admiring her CND Shellac, I decided I NEEDED to get Shellac’d too. I went with Tropix, one of the newer shades to the line that is a bright pink/coral shade.

Fast forward to last Friday… I’m ready to take off my Shellac but didn’t feel like wrapping up each finger in tin foil. I remembered seeing some CND Shellac remover wraps at a nearby beauty supply store so I went in and I attempted to buy them. I learned that I was not able to buy those without a license but I was given an alternative; these HandsDown Soak-Off Nail Wraps for under $5. I was so happy I picked up a few packs so I had some extras on hand.

With some acetone and these wraps, I was able to get my Shellac off in just 10 minutes. These were easy to put on and if you really wanted to pinch some pennies, you could re-use a few of them like I did. There’s no adhesive to them, they wrap around and stay put just like a stretch bandage would. Sure, tin foil would work but these are much more convenient and easier to work with. I’m also going give these a try the next time I go with a glitter nail polish since removing glitter is similar. I paid $5 a pack for the wraps but if you search online, you can get a box of 100 for under $15 here.

While I was at the beauty supply store, I spotted these HandsDown Ultra Nail Pads. These pads are a staple for my friend Michelle from All Lacquered Up and now I understand why. The best thing about these pads is that they have this plastic tab you can use to shield your nails from nail polish remover so you don’t ruin the rest of your manicure. Pretty smart, right? They also seem to hold quite a bit of nail polish remover and it doesn’t come apart on you while you’re working with it. I am officially converted now.

Have you tried either of these? I am predicting a lot more Shellac in my future since I’ve found a local salon that does it for $30, you have no idea how excited I am about this.

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  1. i am going to see if Sally sells these nail wraps! this is perfect and will wear more glitter polishes if i have them!!! thanks for this!! 🙂

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