Eco-Friendly and Fabulous: TAY Skincare

What do you want from your skincare? Simplicity? Natural? Organic? Eco-friendly packaging? If your answer is yes to any of these, than you need to know about TAY Skincare. Founded by beauty insider Sarah Tay, TAY is all of the above with a luxurious botanical twist. TAY’s mission is to introduce pure and simplistic skincare with high quality ingredients. After searching around the globe to source the best ingredients, green tea polyphenols, seabuckthorn extract, organic calendula extracts, rosehip oil, to name a few, TAY was born with a focused group of products (eight in total) intended to cover the essential skincare steps.

The TAY Cucumber Day Moisturizer is my new go-to. I am smitten with this moisturizer. It is hydrating, soothing (thanks to the cucumber extract), protective against environmental hazards and naturally rich in vitamins A, D and E.  Another ingredient to note is the mushroom extract in the formula, which naturally boosts antioxidants on your skin. The formula is also hypoallergenic, so made for sensitive skin types. Just a pump from this gorgeous 100% bamboo bottle, and your entire face + neck is moisturized (in a slightly dewy way!) and ready for makeup.

Another one of the eight products in TAY’s line is an all-purpose, organic Shea Butter. Many moisturizers use shea butter as a trace ingredient (which is good), but TAY presents it here in its purest form (which is better). Organically harvested from the Womens’ Coop in West Africa and infused with USDA Organic Rosemary Essential Oil, this is one rich and delicious combination.

It’s packed in that tub tight and almost dry and crumbly to the touch. Take a small amount into your hand and press together to warm it up. The shea butter breaks down into an oil for you to press onto your skin — face, hands, elbows, or anywhere. Even in your hair as a styling aid. I really like using this on my feet, actually. It’s more effective than lotion! Since this is organic, it should be stored properly in a cool area where it won’t be affected by fluctuating temps.

TAY’s line ranges in price from $11 – $112. You can find this brand at, C.O. Bigelow, Fred Segal in LA and on