Bronze Beauty

It’s starting to get warmer here on the left coast which means that my beauty goals transition over to making myself as tan, bronze and shimmery as possible. Now, I would never, ever touch a tanning bed, but getting that “glow” is of the utmost importance to me starting now that spring is upon us. For something to be so bad for you and actually make you look so good is such a shame.

Tarte Sunburst Beaded Bronzing Lotion Fear not, the faux tanning products that are out on the market right now just keep getting better and better. Case in point – Tarte Sunburst Beaded Bronzing Lotion. This is a facial moisturizer that is infused with tiny little “bronzing beads.” When you slather on the lotion, the tiny beads burst open from the pressure of your fingertips which is what delivers the bronze color that you are ultimately aiming for.

The color is a nice bronzy brown, not too dark depending on the amount you use and not at all orangey. It went on very easily and more important, evenly. The moisturizer part is oil-free and feels very light going on as well. This formula also boasts vitamins A & E to help condition and fight free radicals and it is water-resistant to boot. An interesting concept to say the least, but the bottom line is you will get that instant gratification tanned- look that we are all coveting. One thing to remember though, is that no matter how bronze your face looks, if your neck and décolletage are ghost- white, it would behoove you to where a scarf or some kind of cover-up so that there is not an obvious difference. Or you can try spreading the Tarte Sunburst Body Bronzing Lotion with Self-Tanner or any kind of body tanner on that area so that you are even and ultimately not fake-looking.