New on the Q: Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil

I am so loving that oil is having an “it” moment, because I cannot get enough. My outlook on oils has changed dramatically in the course of just a year, and my skin is thankful. Tarte’s joining in the exotically-sourced miracle oil with its Pure Maracuja Oil launching today on QVC.

Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil is harvested in the Amazon and is referred to as “pure miracle,” due to the miraculous effects on the skin. The “3Rs” for your skin:  replenishing, rehydrating and reparative on all skin types. Maracuja vines wrap around trees along the Amazon river and once the fruit falls, Amazonian women taking part in Tarte’s sustainable-harvesting cooperative cut the fruit and hand press it during a unique cold-pressed ritual.

Like Tarte’s Amazonian Clay, the Pure Maracuja Oil appears to be equally “smart,” identifying your skin concerns and delivering targeted nutrients. You can check out Tarte Creator Maureen Kelly’s presentation on this product tonight, on the Q, at 7pm EST. Please tune in and let me know how it goes — I’ll be on a plane coming back from my wonderful, sunny Florida vacation and will have to catch the online version!

3 thoughts on “New on the Q: Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil”

  1. I use Argan Oil every night around my eyes, on my hands and use it on my hair what a wonderful product, It is the
    best thing i ever put around my eyes it softens them and my softens my hair it is even starting to look better than
    it ever has in my life and I’m 50. I would love to try the Maracuja Oil but, cannot find it here where i live so I guess
    I will just have to wait awhile or look in a health store. Thank You 🙂

    1. Hi Rhonda, I don’t think you’ll find this oil anywhere except on QVC. You might have to order it because I don’t think it will be in store for months since they have the exclusive.

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