Stop, Lock and Roll

Tarte Lock and Roll As part of their new summer collection, Tarte introduced Lock and Roll. This product is a long lasting cream eyeshadow duo that comes in golden bronze shimmer and pale sage green shimmer shades. The green almost seems grey. This duo has a cream eyeshadow side and powder side. You start by applying the cream shadow and letting it dry for 10 seconds. Then you roll matching loose shadow on top. It’s the powder that sets the previously applied color and helps it last.

Normally I go into testing products like this just waiting for it to crease on my eyelids, checking the clock and a mirror obsessively. Usually, crease resistant usually does not mean much to me but this duo is a welcome exception. Not only did the product not crease on my lids for 9+ hours but the shadow’s intensity was practically still in tact. How often does that happen? One thing I thought was a little odd was the rollerball used to apply the powder. This tugged on my lids a little so I took the top off and just poured a little loose powder onto a brush, putting the rollerback back on afterwards. I think a sponge tip here would be better, gentler on the eyes at least. I have to say though, I would be hooked on this product if there were more shades.

Tarte, if you’re listening, we want more shades. smile

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  2. I wanted to love these–the colors were so beautiful, especially the green. Sadly, something in them made my eyes water terribly. A tip on the loose shadows–did you try tapping the rollerball lightly? I did that on the back of my hand and it seemed to almost sort of release the shadow a bit. You could kind of hear the rollerball thing click a bit if you pressed it lightly onto your hand. Sorry if you’ve tried that already; just thought I’d mention it.

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