Lock and Roll

I’m not sure what the weather is like these days where you live, but in St. Paul, MN, we’re in for a month of rain followed by three of sweltering heat. While both are a nice break from the arctic blast known as winter, neither bode well for eye makeup. I’m in desperate need of eye shadow that doesn’t budge.

Tarte's Lock and Roll Creaseless Eyeshadow Duo I was given the chance to try out a product from Tarte, called Lock & Roll creasless eye shadow duo. Many of Tarte’s products are dual-ended which I personally love. Two products in one slim little package make my purse very happy. The instructions are simple- apply the cream eye shadow to your lids first, wait 10 seconds for it to set and then follow up with the shimmery, loose mineral-based shadow over it. The cream contains binding agents that work with the loose shadow to create a long-lasting look.

I really like this product- the cream base is enriched with Vitamin E so the formula slips over the lid without any pulling or tugging. The loose powder applied evenly, too, with very little drop-down. I tried Slate, a shimmery deep gray, which I would wear out at night. It was a little too pigmented and shimmery for a daytime look. Lock & Roll delivered on it’s promise- after a long night of cocktails and dancing with my girlfriends, my eye makeup was still in place. There are also new colors now, including Amethyst, Gunmetal, Patina, Quartz and Rose Gold.

I also love Tarte’s web site – under each product, you get a complete list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions for application. The instructions are, for me, key because some of Tarte’s products are pretty innovative. The web site breaks down any uncertainty you may feel about trying out something new. So smart.