Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Stains

We already know and love Tarte’s gel cheek stains and now we have something new to love from the brand. Last month Tarte finally introduced their new LipSurgence Natural Lip Stains and they are all the rage with me right now. They have permanently moved into my makeup bag and I’m not sharing these with anyone. 🙂 These new stains come in 6 shades:

  • Moody – deep berry
  • Amused – bright pink
  • Lust – red
  • Enchanted – rose
  • Charmed – light pink
  • Joy – peach

I picked up Charmed, Enchanted and Lust but I think a trip to Sephora is in order for Joy and Moody. I’m like the cookie monster when it comes to lip stains… I need to have them all!

When I first tried these new lip stains, I was surprised by how moisturizing they are. I did not expect them to feel so good on my lips, they didn’t feel like a lip stain at all and that makes me love them even more. Instead, they feel more like a tinted lip balm that you can build layers of color with. Don’t be alarmed by the color you see in the tube though. It goes on lightly and like I said, you can build on it if you want a more intense stain on your lips.

Tarte’s lip stains also give your lips a glossy finish. I don’t know about you but when I wear a stain, I usually add a lip balm or a clear/sheer gloss on top for a little shine and emolliency. I love that I can eliminate this step and keep the color on my lips for longer and the color doesn’t disappear once the moisture does.  With that said, the color doesn’t last all day…but it lasts long enough that I can get away with less touch ups.

When you consider the wear and consider the formula, which for me is a plus in comparison to some sticky, bitter tasting formulas, I’m completely OK with the wear given how moisturizing these stains are. What about you? Have you tried these stains? What do you think and which shades have you tried? Let us know all about it in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Stains”

    1. Hi Kat! These stains may not be for everyone. I love the stain/balm hybrid thing they have going on though. What didn’t you like about it?

  1. I guess I’m sort of the opposite of you, Carla – I don’t really care how moisturizing lipstains are (hey, there’s always chapstick for that!), as long as they last! I think I would’ve liked these better if they were just marketed as tinted moisturizer.

    1. Hi Rebecca! I totally see your point but I love that I can skip that step. The color does stain my lips so I don’t really see it as a tinted lip balm. Maybe we can call it a hybrid? 🙂

  2. These lipstains are fine with me because they are for everyday use, maybe if I go run an errand or go to the supermarket. I would use them to make myself feel pretty so in case I tun into a friend haha. But I love lipstains because they look and feel natural without putting so much on.

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