Healthy Couture

Tarte Natural Beauty Cheek Stain Tarte’s fall collection is named Health Couture because healthy skin is always in fashion. In August, Tarte is releasing an all natural version of their infamous cheek stains, a new collaboration with Borba and a fantastic palette. This stain is named Natural Beauty and it contains an antioxidant blend that includes blackberry, goji, acai, cranberry, pomegranate and currant. It has a natural scent derived from Cassis leaves and it also contains natural waxes and oils moisturize and hydrate skin. It’s preservative free and does not contain artificial coloring so this gives your skin a natural, sheer berry flush.

Tarte Inside Out Lipstick Move over lipgloss, Inside Out Lipstick is here. Just like the lipgloss, this lipstick feature’s Borba’s nutraceuticals so it’s actually good for you. It features Jojoba, shea butter and beeswax to moisturize lips, grape seed extract and vitamin C to accelerate production of natural elastin and a variety of other ingredients to soothes skin, strengthen capillary walls, reduce epidermal irritation and enhance skin’s clarity and radiance.

It comes in three shades: Sweet Dreams (dusty pink-rose), Zen (plum-berry) and Revive (true red). Also, a portion of the proceeds of the sales of Sweet Dreams will go to the Young Survival Coalition.

Tarte Ready to Wear Palette Inspired by New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, this new palette give you everything you need this fall. Wrapped in faux-croc, this palette features products to achieve two distinct looks including eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. It also includes a mini mascara, two mini eye brushes and a nude-pink eyeliner.

I Love New York features muted pink beige and muted peach-beige lipsticks, warm honey-peach blush and soft-shimmery bone, shimmery olive and deep-shimmery moss eyeshadows. Paris, Mon Amour features warm burgundy rose and currant red lipsticks, a rose coral blush and soft-shimmery pink, shimmery grey-purple and shimmery deep plum eyeshadows.

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  1. awesome reviews, i like that you feature stuff that doesn’t completely break your bank. helpful hint to makeup lovers: i just checked out the new flirt site, they have a similar really cute ‘party purple’ palette, anyways they have a contest going on where they’re giving away free makeup every day this month

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