Friction is Good

We all know that Tarte has the multi-tasking thing down. Here’s another product for your beauty product arsenal.

Tarte FRXtion Tarte’s FRXtion is a lip balm and exfoliator in one with a little mirror to boot. On one side, you have a lip balm with jojoba and vitamin E to help condition lips. This lip balm is great, I only wish there was more of it so I could use it all the time… I tend to use it only when I’m exfoliating my lips so I use the product up evenly. The other side exfoliates with brown sugar to give you smooth lips. If you apply the lip balm on first, exfoliating your lips with the brown sugar side is more effective. As for the mirror, it’s conveniently built in to the lid so that it flips up when the lid is off.

This product also earned Tarte two awards. This year the product won a CEW Beauty Insider’s Award for lip treatments under $14 and a ICMAD CITY award for the Color Cosmetic Package Design Innovation. Need I say more?