Tarte Cosmetics hEYE Impact Set

I have a hard time saying “no” to the products near the cash register at Ulta and Sephora. I am easily swayed and almost always go past the figure I tell myself I will not exceed when I walk in the door. Last time I was at Ulta, I caved on two sets, one of them was Tarte’s hEYE Impact set. For only $15.99, how could I pass it up? Especially since it contained products I have not seen in stores before.

This Ulta exclusive includes 2 full size emphasEYES Clay Shadow Sticks and a deluxe sample of their popular mascara Lights, Camera, Lashes. Is it me or is this the debut of this product? I don’t recall seeing it in Sephora and on Tarte’s or QVC’s websites. The sticks are unnamed but I am dubbing them as “Champagne” and “Bronze”.

More on my other temptation in just a little bit!

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