Clay, Two Ways: Tarte Amazonian Clay SmolderingEye Liner and EmphasEyes Waterproof Eyeliner

I don’t know about you, but Amazonian Clay has really grown to be one of my favorite ingredients thanks to Tarte. They call it nature’s perfect ingredient…and I tend to agree, it is a smart one. Amazonian clay fits the needs of your skin – removing surface oil yet nourishing dry skin. And when it’s infused into eyeliner, the results are equally powerful. It helps prevent smudging and creasing and is very long-wearing. I’ve been using two different clay-infused Tarte eyeliners, and while the wear is great on both, the products couldn’t be more different.

I started using Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Waterproof liners last summer when they were released. We received a sample of the plum, and I liked it so much that I purchased the bronze. I was impressed with the wear and used them quite a bit during the summer. However, I noticed that they began to dry up very quickly — as in just 4-6weeks. And that was with proper storage, closing the cap tightly and not leaving the product exposed to air. I find it difficult to even use these liners now because the formula immediately crumbles on my brush and is just too dry to work with. I understand there’s a lifespan on all beauty products, but these failed on me in the same season.

However, the story couldn’t be more different for Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Infused SmolderingEye Liner Trio, a QVC exclusive for the recent holiday season.

This trio is amazing on many levels. The colors are vibrant neutrals — a dark, matte brown, shimmering navy and shimmering champagne. They glide on so smoothly and wear really well. Even without a primer, I easily got 8+ hours of wear. That’s that Amazonian clay in action! I don’t foresee any drying issues with the pencil, so think you get more value with this product.

I have my husband to thank for the SmolderingEye liners. He often tunes into QVC Friday Night Beauty with me — probably not by choice! — and what do you know, these showed up in my Christmas stocking. While this set is currently on waitlist only, there’s a new set of colors on special now. Hope to see Maureen demo these soon!

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  1. I’ve had the pot eyeliner since September without any drying out. I got mine from a QVC set. It’s super fabulous and I still use it a few days a week without any issues.

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