Four Shimmering Shades Join Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Line-up for Spring

Joining an already impressive spread of high-performing cheek colors, Tarte rolled out four new shimmering shades of its award-winning Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush for Spring. Think of Glisten, Adored, Buff and Frisky as the sassy, sparkly sisters to your more responsible and mature blush colors. Even the outer packaging has a shimmer to it, which is a great differentiator should you happen to stockpile these blushes (as we may or may not do!)

The brilliance of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blushes is that not only do they stay in place perfectly all day; the color almost intensifies the longer you wear them. I think it’s because after about 10-12 hours, other parts of our makeup, like eyeliner or foundation, begin to fade. Also, we completely tip our hats to Tarte for being the brand known for its gel cheek stains to being lauded by everyone for its powder blush. If you’ve yet to try these (what are you waiting for?!), may we suggest one of the spring shades? Here’s a look at all four in action…

(Left): Buff; (Right): Adored
(Left): Frisky; (Right): Glisten

My favorite of the bunch is Adored, with its bright pink pigment and silver sparkles. A total face-brightening shade. Buff, a shimmering nude, actually pulled bronzey on my skin with just a twinge of orange. I think Buff would be a perfect neutral for medium to deeper skin tones. Frisky is a bright coral that I can’t wait to wear this summer! And Glisten, previously available at QVC, is a lovely peachy-pink shade. I love wearing it, and am not sure why I look so “tan” in that picture. I swear – no bronzer, just Glisten!

What do you think of these shades? Are you feeling the shimmer?

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  1. Love these! When I am at Sephora I am going to take a peak at these! I think Adored would be my preference too! Have you been reaching for these more than other blushes lately?

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