Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eyeshadows Revamp Packaging + Welcome New Shade for Spring

How do you make something that’s already great even better? If you’re Tarte, you give your Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eyeshadows new and improved packaging, and introduce a new color to boot! These first appeared on the long-wear makeup scene last summer, and Tarte’s formula is one of the best. Intense colors, a boost of Amazonian clay to reduce oil and natural carnauba wax that acts as a built-in shadow primer and ensures smooth application. Staying power is something to brag about here.  But, the previous packaging, in a tiny round container, made these difficult to use. Brushes and fingers both had difficulty maneuvering in there.  

The new packaging features a square glass jar with a wide opening. It’s not unlike that of Bobbi Brown’s Cream Shadows if we’re comparing.  These are a vast improvement, and while the formula is as good as before, I appreciate the packaging upgrade so I can use these more. I also love how I can easily ID the color by the lid. It’s the little things in life that get me excited!

Four of these shades may look familiar, Plum Smoke from QVC and the others from Tarte.com, but Shimmery Bronze is new for spring. Here’s the breakdown in colors, left-to-right from the above photo:

    • Plum Smoke – The “smoke” really is the operative word here. Whenever I wear this it is instant smokey eye even if I’m not aiming for it. I love that it’s a one stop shop for a dramatic look.
    • Shimmery Moss – A really wearable green, that actually pulls quite antique and bronzey. Love the micro-sparkle in this one, too!
    • Shimmery Bronze (NEW!) – New for spring, this bronze is actually more chocolate espresso. I think that gives it a unique quality. It’s beautiful for blues eyes especially.
    • Seashell Pink – A frosty-ish pink that makes a great base. On my skin tone (and you can’t quite tell on my hand), this pulls a little peach. It’s very flattering on its own, too.

These appear to be an Ulta exclusive for now. Get on over there and use your next 20% off code on ShimmeryBronze!

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