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Henna at Canadian Beauty tagged me so now it’s my turn to participate in this meme.

1.What is the story behind the name of your blog?
I wish I had some funny story to share about this but the name Product Girl just came out due to a lack of creativity! I’m still not crazy about the name and I’ve thought about changing it quite a bit. I once thought I’d hold a contest to help rename the site but I didn’t follow through with it. The name will definitely be changed but still unsure as to when. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks about this though!

2. Why did I start blogging?
I started blogging about 10 years ago and it wasn’t even beauty related. In 2005, I realized I would have more fun if I blogged about products I bought and liked using. I didn’t want to include them on my main blog so I created a separate blog just for this idea and that is how Product Girl was born. It has always been about sharing my finds with others and learning about new products. I also really liked the connection to others that blogging gave me and hoped the same would be true for the beauty blog. I had no idea so many beauty product addicts were out there when I started!

3. What is your best and worst blogging experience?
The best experience of my life so far has been turning my hobby of personal blogging into a full time job. In September 2005, I went to work for Six Apart (the company behind TypePad). Even though I left the company at the end of June last year, I had an amazing experience. It’s not very often that someone has a chance to turn a hobby into a paying job. Even writing this blog, there have been some great experiences. We’ve been in the NY Times and in Women’s Wear Daily but I’ll never forget listening to my podcast voicemail and hearing a message from Heather Park from MAC. It was like validation for all my work over the years. Fortunately, I don’t really have any negative experiences with regard to Product Girl and let’s hope it stays that way.

4. What do I think will happen to the blog in 2008?
I really hope that this is the year that this blog really grows and gets better than ever, I feel like it hasn’t really grown or gone anywhere lately so that needs to change. I have some great things planned like new features we’ll run on a regular basis, video podcasts, my friend Lea (who’s absolutely amazing) will be writing soon, a new look and I’ll finally give away some loot to our readers. I think this year will be a great year for Product Girl, things are already looking up since January.

Now it’s my turn to tag a few more bloggers… I’m tagging Shannon at A Girl’s Gotta Spa and Makeup Minute, Erika at Makeup Bag and Lianne The Makeup Girl. You’re it!

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