Sweet Beauty: Your New Chocolate Fix

The first time I tried a Sweet Beauty product was on my birthday last October. I was getting the world’s most amazing pedicure at Spa Scotta when my gal used a scrub on my feet that smelled amazing. It turned out to be Sweet Beauty’s Tangerine Truffle Sugar Scrub. Since then, I’ve been slowly picking up a few of Sweet Beauty’s products here and there.

First, you should know that Sweet Beauty is all about the chocolate. They use rich organic, fair trade-certified chocolate in all their products and all of them are completely decadent. This line is a chocolate lover’s dream.

I started by picking up their Pot de Creme body cream and now I’m completely obsessed with it. I like to put slather it on my feet before bed and when I wake up, my feet feel transformed. Not to mention how it smells, it leaves skin smelling absolutely delicious.

Then I tried the Sweet Beauty’s Tangerine Truffle Sugar Scrub and Melt Chocolate Milk Bath. Together these products make for a fabulous bathing experience and a treat for the senses. The combination of the chocolate and tangerine together is just heavenly. The sugar scrub is rich and moisturizing and the milk bath softens skin with buttermilk. The color of your bath water leaves a little to be desired but it is natural. By the time you step out of that tub, you’ll feel and smell as fresh as an orange grove.

I can’t say enough good things about Sweet Beauty, plus it is a Seattle brand… got to love homegrown beauty products. I’m still not done experimenting with the brand but I’m house-sitting this summer and the house has a huge bathtub… so you know what that means, right? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sweet Beauty: Your New Chocolate Fix”

  1. I love Sweet Beauty! I didn’t know they used it at Spa Scotta..but I do love how authentic and gritty the ingredients tend to be. Doesn’t hurt that they use Theo chocolates too 🙂

    1. Isn’t it great? I love seeing a local brand do well like this. I need to get on the ball and try more things but I seem to do better getting a $20 product at Sephora (seems cheap there) than at Whole Foods (seems expensive there). 😉

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