Susan Posnick Colorforever

Susan Posnick ColorForever is a long wearing lip color with lip color on one end and conditioner on the other end. The pigment in this product is interesting, it reminds me of a stain. It has enough pigment to deposit color on the lips but it is also strong enough to build up an intensity, which I really like. The texture of the color is not too thick but if you don’t let it fully dry before applying the conditioner, it gets a little sticky. The conditioner itself is moisturizing and gloss but not tacky. There is a little stickiness with it but I figure that’s par for the course.

Susan Posnick Colorforever When it comes to performance, this product didn’t wear as long as I expected. While I loved the color at first, mere hours into wearing this, the color started to fade. I tried this with my lip balm du jour and with the product’s own conditioner and the results were the same. I loved that the color didn’t flake off my lips but it definitely is not transfer resistant, which I think is to be expected with any lip color claiming to be long wearing. By the end of the day, I was left with stained lips.

Another aspect of this product that was a little unexpected is it’s scent. Both the color and conditioner smell like fruit but not “fresh fruit” as it says. When I went to drink or eat anything, I taste this on my lips and it was a little unpleasant… imagine fruit scented hairspray, that’s the taste I had in my mouth. I hope they decide to do something about this because a gal is not trying to plan her drinks and meals around what lip color she’s wearing.