In Need of a Boost?

Months after getting highlights, I noticed my normally buttery blonde streaks were fading to white due to frequent shampooing and blow drying, as well as damage caused from the summer sun. I needed to add a color glaze over my highlights to get that white hair blonde again. I comparison “shopped” around local salons and was not ecstatic about the prices I was quoted, especially considering that I had just paid an arm and leg to get the highlights put in only a few months before.

Sunsilk's Blonde Bombshell Color Boost On a whim, I decided to try Sunsilk Blonde Bombshell Color Boost. I had seen the cute commercials on TV, epitomizing the age old “dumb blonde” vs. “smart brunette” battle. I decided I couldn’t lose, considering the product cost about $7, 10x less than most salons wanted to charge me.

I shampooed my hair and then put on the Color Boost instead of conditioner. I found that the tube packaging was easy to use and the texture was thick and creamy yet not as slippery as other “at home” gloss products I had tried. Each time I used it, I noticed subtle changes but after 3 applications my white streaks were gone and I was left with highlights the color of spun gold. It was the right amount of color and shine that I needed. Sunsilk makes several formulations for blondes and brunettes, whether you have highlights or an auburn tint, they have you covered.