Summer Hope

With another spring well and truly underway, and the blossoms being blown from the trees, it’s with a sense of anticipation that we await the coming summer. Will it be long and fair, warm and breezy? Or disappointingly cloudy and damp, with umbrellas and mackintoshes making as much of an appearance as T-shirts and sunglasses? We don’t know yet, but one thing’s for sure – we’d all like a prolonged warm, sunny spell.

Frolicking under a bright blue sky

Regardless of where you live – city, town or country – most of us seem to want one of two things beneath our feet when the sun is shining – grass or sand. Perhaps a pleasant lunchtime sandwich taken out of the office to the local park – a relaxing hour-long break away from the phones and computer screens, and a chance for bare feet to caress the newly mown grass whilst eyes stare up at humorously shaped clouds. Or maybe you’d prefer a weekend afternoon spent down at the coast? Buckets and spades at the ready, sand wedging itself between toes, a blanket spread out on the beach, and a picnic basket open to reveal an assortment of chilled tasty morsels.

Whichever way we hope to enjoy the coming sunshine – fingers crossed, of course – we know from experience that it’s best to make the most of such times. Cloudless days and long warm evenings are gone again all too quickly.

Cool and refreshing

It’s when the mercury in the thermometer is standing tall and the humidity in the air is draining our energy that we need our fridges and freezers the most. For nothing revives us more than eating or drinking something cold, and it’s all down to these humble appliances that go about their business largely unrecognised and in relative silence.

But what will you reach for to cool yourself down on one of these coming hot days? A bottle of water, a can of beer, an ice cream or lolly perhaps, or even a piece of chilled fruit? With Beko fridge freezers, you can rest assured that a cold drink or frozen lolly will always be within easy reach. And thanks to its Frost-Free feature, which keeps maintenance to a minimum, you’ll barely know it’s there.