Skin Smooth Like Velvet

While the lip balm wasn’t my favorite product in Suki’s line, it didn’t discourage me and I still found other things to love. I tried to stay away from Suki’s Velvet Facial Creme while I was testing other products and it was so hard! I’m glad I can finally get back to it though; I have missed it so much.

Suki's Velvet Facial Creme To say that Suki’s Velvet Facial Creme has a cream like consistency is a little misleading. This moisturizer actually has a very thin serum-like texture to it… my favorite kind! It’s very lightweight and so easy to distribute. And of course as you’ve heard me say quite a bit lately, it’s absorbed by the skin very quickly. I had my doubts as to whether or not this moisturizer would do its job with just a couple of pumps but low and behold, it did and my skin felt great. Just like I wanted, it was smooth and oh so soft. This little bottle even out-performed other thicker and pricier moisturizers I’ve tried recently. I actually think my skin looks a little more radiant from using this moisturizer.

I’ve been battling some redness and this calms it down and soothes my skin when it’s irritated. When I combine it with a few drops of Suki’s Facial Serum with Blue Chamomile and Echinacea, it’s good to help fend off some of the dry patches I’ve been seeing as well. Overall, this is a product I won’t do without and I feel really good about using a skincare regimen that’s based in natural ingredients.