Suki Lip Repair Butter

Since trying Suki’s Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser, I’ve been obsessed with trying more of her products. One I recently picked up was Suki’s Lip Repair Butter. At first I was a little dismayed by the price tag. In one local store, it was selling for $14 plus but I ended up going to Whole Foods and picked it up for just under $9. If this was in Nordstrom’s, I wouldn’t think twice but I guess buying this in grocery store made me think twice. I went ahead and did it anyways, I took the hit for my readers. smile

Suki Lip Repair Butter Suki’s Lip Repair Butter is an all natural lip balm that features organic ingredients like jojoba, sunflower and grapeseed oils infused with chamomile and calendula, beeswax, vitamin e and steam distilled essential oils. Based on this, I imagined this to be an amazing lip balm but I was a little disappointed when I tried it on.

While I loved the citrus scent, it wasn’t as emollient as I had expected it to be. The lip balm is thick like I like my lip balms to be but I really had to tug it along my lips to apply it. Even rubbing my lips together was a little tough. Once I warmed it up a little on the back of my hand, I was a bit easier but it still didn’t glide on as I would have liked it to.

With that said, I did find that this lip balm did soothe and soften my lips even though the texture was a bit awkward for me at first. Since then, I learned my lesson and keep try to keep this product in warmer areas of my home or even in my pocket as much as possible.

What it comes down to on this one is preference. While I can appreciate l thick lip balm like this, I know that not everyone else does. This won’t give your lips a sheen, it’s actually on the matte side, but it does have ingredients that make this a more intensive, healing lip balm. And since when have soft, smooth lips ever been a bad thing?