Currently Loving: Suki Eye Repair Balm

Texture is kind of everything to me. In food (no tomatoes, just can’t deal) and in beauty products. Especially eye creams. I’m admittedly very particular when it comes to eye cream. More so than probably any other facial product.  There are very few eye creams that meet my standards.  I find that many are lacking in the moisture department, and don’t live up to expectations. So when I find one that totally knocks my socks off, I need to talk about it. Today, I need to talk about Suki Eye Repair Balm.

It’s like a salve for your under eye. Think of how amazing a salve is for your hands and cuticles. It’s like that, but better. Suki’s Eye Reapir Balm is filled with essential oils, like lavender and grapeseed, and organic carrot and rose hip, with a side of shea, coconut and jojoba oils. It’s an oil-lovers paradise. The delicate skin under my eyes drinks this up, giving an almost plumping effect. I find I need less concealer when I use this. I usually dab a small amount of brightener (like Benefit Erase Paste) and/or a sweep of Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder and I’m good to go.

The smell is powerful, but very natural. I can’t quite narrow it down, but I love it. And, the price is rather friendly at just under $34. It’s a win-win-win.