Put a Little Zest Into Your Routine

My friend Lea has opened my eyes to organic products and Suki’s Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser is one of those products she raved about so I just had to try it.

Suki Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser I’m so glad that I was able to try this product because I’m absolutely loving it. When you open this heavenly little jar, you’re blown away by the scent. This product features all natural ingredients and lemongrass and orange scent in it is completely invigorating, it makes it such a joy to use this product. That’s not the only thing though… it’s great as an exfoliator. If I don’t moisten my hands or face, I can just go to town on my skin and it’s not too harsh. I try to avoid that though because I have some other exfoliating products I’m testing. Instead, I just press it up my wet skin, let it foam up a bit and gently spread it around. When I’m done, my skin feels great. My skin is not tight or dry, just soft to the touch. The only thing I worry about is how to make this jar last longer.

One thing to note about organic products is that your skin may react to it’s new “diet” but I haven’t experienced any side affects so let’s hope it stays that way. Since I started using this product, I’ve been obsessed with trying more of Suki’s products. Lea and I even drove 15 miles to the nearest Whole Foods with the Suki Color line.

So stay tuned, there will definitely be more on Suki’s products in the coming week!