Introduction to Suki Color: Eyes

Last but not least, I also tried Suki Color Triple Cream Eye Definer. This was also the last Suki Color product that I tried. It’s star ingredient is evening primrose oil, which is very nourishing and healing to the skin.

Suki Color Triple Cream Eye Definer The product comes in some truly gorgeous shades and I was able to try Amber and Smoke. I adored the way Amber looked on my eyes, the shimmer in the shade and finish of the formula left my eyes with a very sexy shimmery sheen, almost glistening. It’s as if my eyes were wet. I love that look but it’s not one I can pull off for very long thanks to my kryptonite lids. Unfortunately, the color started fading into my crease within 2 hours of wear. Perhaps someone with a different eye shape who’s less prone to creasing may have better luck with this though. I like to see how products do without a primer first so I didn’t try this with a primer yet but this something I’ll try next time. I’d really like to see a version of this product that is a little more long wearing though.

The price point for Suki Color products is definitely on the higher end. That does concern me a bit but I try to keep in mind that this is a different type of a product than I’m use and that my skin will thank me for it later. It can be a little discouraging, I know. Personally, I’d love to own all seven shades of the stains but I can’t really afford to. My hope is that the pricing will come down a bit so that this is more accessible to everyone.