Introduction to Suki Color: Face

Suki Color Tinted Active Moisturizer was next on my list to try. When I looked it up, I was shocked to see that only two shades were available; Natural for fair to medium complexions and Bronze for all complexions. I wondered exactly how would this look on a fair gal like myself.

Suki Color Tinted Active Moisturizer When I tried the product, it was a bit too dark for me as I expected. Suki suggests blending a few drops of moisturizer or their concealer to get a more customized color. I tried that and the product was still a wee bit dark on me but it wasn’t that bad so I wore it anyways in the name of research. The coverage of course was sheer but I liked the way it looked on my skin. It evened my skin tone out and it wasn’t heavy. It’s as if I wasn’t wearing makeup at all. It hung on for dear life, which I didn’t expect. The first time I wore it, I had my first session with a personal trainer and I was sweating like crazy. When I got home and went to wash my face, I still had some on.

I also liked what Suki Color Tinted Active Moisturizer did for my skin, it felt good on and I liked knowing it was helping my skin at the same time. It features white willow which is a natural salicylic acid with none of the synthetic version’s side effects.

With all that said, it’s disappointing to see such a limited range of shades. Luckily, I did buy one of the product suggested but I don’t have the other one (the concealer). I would have liked to see how it would have worked for me shade wise if I had this but even then, I shouldn’t have to blend my own custom shade. I’d like to see this product expand their color spectrum to feature more shades with different undertones. If and when this happens, I’d be happy to try it again.

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  1. Thanks for all of your informative reviews of Suki’s products! I’m already a fan of the cleanser, so I’m really excited to try out the make-up.

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