We Heart Stila: New One Step PrimeColor

First came Stila’s One Step Makeup foundation, now there’s Stila One Step PrimeColor. Stila took the next step and created another multi-tasker; a primer and color for lips, cheeks and eyes in a tube. You have to hand it to the creative minds at Stila, we heart them for thinking outside the box with this one.

Stila’s One Step PrimeColor can be your primer, your lipstick, your blush or your eyeshadow. The product is packed with pigment and comes in a nice range of shades; a few for your eyes and face and more for lips and cheeks. How long it lasts you depends on how you use it. I’ve been using it on my lips and cheeks and Laurie has been using it as a primer and highlighter in the Kitten shade. She’s going through more of the product in one usage than I am, but for me a little goes a long way.

From Left to Right: Kitten, Rosie Posie, Pop of Pink, Capri Coral, Per Suede, Bronze Babe

I tried Rosie Posie and Capri Coral. The shades are matte and semi-opaque on the lips. They dry lighter than what they appear to be in the tube so so you may want to try a darker shade, that’s what I will be doing when I pick another one up (I’m thinking Per Suede). It wears well and when on the lips, doesn’t dry them out. Exfoliated lips are a must though, otherwise this will highlight any rough spots.

Of the colors, Kitten is the only highlighting shade and Laurie tried some different things with this one. This is very pretty as a highlight shade on the cheekbones and works well both under and over foundation. Also, it is very useful on eyelids, but if you have very oily lids (we’re raising our hand to this) you probably need another primer underneath. Might seem counterintuitive given the one-step, but we didn’t mind.

Have you tried a Stila One Step PrimeColor yet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Just think, last year, I never heard of the company Stila, and now, I am one of their biggest fans. I have always used high end make up namely due to skin and eye irritations from the cheaper brands. I must have been living with my head in the sand because I first became aware of Stila through a random email I received last year. After ordering and trying my first product, I was hooked. Now, I look forward to happy hour friday to see what the special of the week will be. I LOVE the smudgesticks and have them in every color. These eyeliners are truly amazing and an absolute must for every woman’s cosmetic bag. But I’ve been fighting the urge to purchase the primerand I have a strong feeling that today’s gonna be the day I break down and purchase my favorite kitten.

    I orderd mh

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