Not Quite So Long Lasting

I love long lasting lipsticks, anything that helps me put off touching up my makeup as long as possible is great in my book. When Stila introduced their new Long Wearing Lip Color, I had to try it but it wasn’t quite what I expected.

Stila's Long Wearing Lip Color This product is marketed as a gloss and lipstick in one, not something I would necessarily agree with. It doesn’t leave you with glossy lips but it does glide across your lips very easily when applied. There’s a subtle shine but I wouldn’t consider that glossy. Your lips feel soft and moist when you apply this product, which is always nice but those are the only similarities to a gloss. It’s only as you continue to wear the lip color that this changes, as the lips start feeling a bit dryer… but not completely dried out. That’s to be expected for a long lasting lip color though. As for wear, it was a bit of a disappointment. When I see words like “long lasting” in a description, I’m expecting something upwards of 6 hours, maybe 8 hours if I’m lucky. In this case, 4 hours after applying the lip color, quite a bit of the color was missing from my lips. Maybe if Stila decides to change the formula for this product, this is something they can take a closer look into.