Stila My Heart

It seems as though I try a new lipgloss on a weekly basis. Running into Sephora or Ulta is the perfect pick me up, and no matter the state of my checking account the price for a new gloss is always right. Because I’m constantly trying out new brands, formulas and colors, I’ve developed a ‘Yaaawwwn…been there, done that” attitude about most lip products. It takes something to special to get me to sit up and take notice – and that’s exactly what happened after I tried out Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar.

Stila Lip Glaze Stila was one of the first brands to bring out the now-ubiquitous click-turn pen as means of dispensing product. Their version features a lip brush into which the lip gloss is captured (after turning the base of the pen). You’re able to slick on your gloss with the precision of a professional lip brush. Admittedly, it’s a little difficult to figure out how many turns of the pen you need to dispense the right amount of gloss – too few and you’re wiping a dry brush across you lips, too many and you’ve got product oozing out of the pen and all over the place. I learned to click slowly and examine the brush in between turns – once the bristles start to part down the middle, I’ve got enough to start applying.

As for the color and formula, I couldn’t be happier with this find. The gloss is slick, not sticky, and has pretty decent staying power. I’ve usually got a fair amount of color (if just a bit less shine) left over after a cup of coffee. Brown Sugar is a beautiful, nude brown color that suits my fair complexion perfectly. I usually struggle with brown shades of gloss or lipstick because it competes (and loses out to) the red undertones in my skin. Not so with Stila’s Brown Sugar. It’s, quite simply, perfect for me. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s stolen my heart – and a permanent spot in my makeup bag.

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