We Heart Stila: Adventures in Kitten

Stila Kitten is probably one of the most iconic beauty products out there today. The classic shimmering pink nude is basically a jack of all trades and has appeared in the product line in many different ways. It’s one of those shades I will never get tired of and I’m always excited to see new iterations appear! You could say I’m a wee bit obsessed….

Kitten is a shimmering gloss, a lip glaze, a primer – basically everything, but I love it most on the eyes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful on the lips, but most of my kitten adventures are all about the eyes. One of my all-time  faves is the Kitten Palette from the summer of ’08. Yes, it’s shimmery and even a bit frosty, but for all the palettes Kitten appears in this one reigns as top dog. It’s probably cruel to dangle limited edition Stila Kitten, but a blast from the past is sometimes a great thing, right?

I swatched three products to show you not all Kitten is necessarily created equal. Which is why it’s OK to populate your makeup bag with as much Kitten as possible.  From left to right, the Silk Eye Shadow Wash, the Smudge Pot and the (regular) eyeshadow. The Silk Eye Shadow Wash isn’t blended down heavily, but it’s more of a gold kitten whereas the Smudge Pot is a toned-down, less frosty version. It’s one of my favorite eye bases and I use it constantly. Really, what’s not to love about Kitten?

Now it’s your turn to share some Kitten adventures – are you Kitten-obsessed? Let’s chat about it!

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  1. I had that palette! I used the entire single thing by the end of that summer. It was one of the best palettes I’ve ever owned.

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