Stila Kitten and Black Cat Smudge Pots

Speaking of Smudge Pots, Stila has also released 2 new Smudge Pots: Kitten and Black Cat. Kitten, as you may have guessed is a play on Stila’s best selling eyeshadow Kitten.


Have you ever seen Mally Roncal on QVC show you how smudge proof her liners and shadows are? She’s so adorable as she rubs her fingers over the product furiously to show the audience how the product is not budging. I did the same test at my local Ulta and this Smudge Pot passed the smudge test, I may have had a little shimmer on my fingers but the product on my hand did. not. move.


Just like the Barbie Loves Stila’s Little Black Dress Smudge Pot, Black Cat is not as one dimensional as it seems. As I mentioned, Black Cat is a play on Kitten so it has some of the shadow blended into it. What you get when you actually use the product is gorgeous as the Kitten sparkles on the eye. Unfortunately, my Ulta has been out of stock of both of these shades but I’m told as soon as it comes in, there will be Kitten and Black Cat Smudge Pots with my name on them just waiting for me to bring them home. You can find Smudge Pots at Stila displays and online.

Have you tried a Stila Smudge Pot? What’s your favorite shade? I’m dying to try Jade. Tell us about it in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Stila Kitten and Black Cat Smudge Pots”

  1. I LOVE Stila Smudgepots. I have the mini trio in Black, Bronze and Grey, and I recently purchased Cobalt and Jade. I’m in love with all of them,but probably like Cobalt and Jade the best. The black, bronze and grey minis are good staples to have on hand though.

    I am thrilled that Stila came out with the new Barbie Loves Stila colors! I’m probably going to buy the Cobalt Clutch color, and maybe Little Black Dress.

    1. Hi Marilyn! I am ashamed I didn’t get into them until recently! I’ve been obsessed with MAC Paint Pots and Fluidlines for so long that I didn’t bother looking elsewhere. 🙂 These Stila shades are SO pretty though. I’d get them all if my wallet would let me.

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