Beauty VIP of the Week: Stila Jade Blossom Hair Refresher

This week my Beauty VIP is Stila’s Jade Blossom Hair Refresher. I’ve been under the weather this week and washing my hair each day just was not my priority. This is where Stila’s Hair Refresher came into play. More and more, this has become my go-to dry shampoo for a few reasons.

Quite a few dry shampoos do not agree with my scalp and cause it to flake or itch.  This one does not give my any problem, I could use it everyday and not worry about any flakes developing.  It also smells really good! If you know and love Stila’s Jade Blossom scent, then you’ll love this even more in your hair. I love the way this adds fragrance to my hair but it is not overwhelming at all, I can still wear a different perfume if I want to.

I’m also a fan of its application. It is not in an aerosol can, instead it is in a plastic bottle that relies on a “pouf” in the cap to dispense the product. This makes it hard to overuse the product because the “pouf”, for lack of a better word, prevents you from spilling more powder onto your hair than you need. When you squeeze the bottle, you get a gentle cloud of powder applied to your hair each time. For whatever reason, other “pouf” applicators I’ve used in the past have never worked as well as this one does. I know I tend to over do it with spray dry shampoos so this is super helpful to me.

Finally, let’s talk about texture. Very few dry shampoos do little to improve the texture of your hair, at least the ones that I have tried. Most appear to absorb oil in hair but hair still feels a little bit off. With this product my hair feels as though it’s been basking in the ocean’s salty breeze. I like the texture so much that I’ve started adding a gentle “pouf” to my hair even on days when I don’t need it’s oil absorbing powers.

Have you tried this? If not, what’s your favorite dry shampoo? I think it’s safe to say both Laurie and I are dry shampoo connoisseurs.

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  1. My favorite is TiGi Rockaholic, I definitely have to do a post about it. Least favorite is definitely the Tresemme Foam for curly hair, what a bust.

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