The Perfect Flush, Every Time, with Stila's Custom Color Blush

I’m never one to shy away from a brighter than bright pink blush, which is what I’d classify Stila’s Custom Color Blush as — at least on the surface. But the operative word here is “custom.” Stila created a PH-based powder that reacts with your skintone to create the perfect flush — your very own personalized blush. While I totally love what I see in the pan, the end result on my cheeks is more of a pinky-rose.  In addition to its magical color-matching abilities, the powder also melts into your skin flawlessly. I love it when makeup does the work for me!

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Flush, Every Time, with Stila's Custom Color Blush”

  1. ohh, i’d love to see how this works on different faces, sounds like a neat concept. i have naturally rosy cheeks and so blush is usually not high on my priority list to put on… seems like this one might be neater tho.

  2. YESSS I just ordered this with my coupon… I’m waiting impatiently for it to arrive in the mail! *twiddling thumbs*

  3. I would love to try this! It sounds fool proof for busy days or a natural day-to-day look. And, I had no idea that this existed! So thank you for sharing!

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