Stila Coconut Crush Lip & Cheek Stain

Speaking of brown lip stains, my favorite lip stain for spring and summer is Stila’s Coconut Crush. Frankly, I’m a little surprised there hasn’t been more talk about this.

I’ve told you before that I LOVE me some lip stains. I have a drawer in my stash that is dedicated to them, I’m that serious about them. But if you looked through my drawer, you would only a few brown stains. Few brands have made them and it’s a shame because they lend themselves perfectly towards a long wearing neutral lip. My favorite brown stain of all time was Urban Decay’s Ink in Naked. I stocked up on that shade when they were getting ready to discontinue it but I’ve always had room in my heart for more brown stains.

I have been loving this new Coconut Stain because it’s brown and because it’s done in a different way than its stain predecessors. Stila added in a touch of pink and some shimmer to this stain so it comes out as a bronzed rose. Can you see the shimmer below?

Here I swatches Coconut Crush against all of the Stila stains except Acai… I mysteriously misplaced it otherwise it would have been included. Now I know that a brown stain is not flattering on everyone, I had this discussion with a friend awhile back, but it’s not all about the lips with this stain. This stain is insanely pretty on the cheeks as well, especially when you catch a hint of the shimmer in the sun.

I have a feeling I will live in this stain this summer when I get my faux tan on…

5 thoughts on “Stila Coconut Crush Lip & Cheek Stain”

  1. Pretty! But does it smell like coconuts? I don’t like a coconut smell (like suntan lotion) but wouldn’t mind if it was just temporary!

  2. I can definately see the allure in this color, never really thought much about a brownish color but it maybe just the thing!
    Thanks Carla

  3. I’ve never used a stain before.. I tend to run dry but I like the idea of long lasting, neutral yet summery color for work.. so I am very intrigued by this!

  4. This makes me laugh Carla, b/c I hated the fact that it was brown! Unfortunately none of the pink showed through on my pale lips and I thought the coconut scent was very synthetic. Viva la differance!!

  5. Oh, that looks beautiful! I love the idea of lip stains/ cheek stains but they never seem to work properly on me, they’re always streaky and leave behind weird rings. The personal best I’ve found so far is the NYX Matte lip creams. Have you tried those?

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