On Stark Skincare Cypress Purity + Defense Oil, the Bachelorette and MAN

Okkkaayyy….who is watching the Bachelorette? I’m not ashamed to admit that I have watched every single season of this franchise. We’re talking a decade of rose ceremonies, here. Wild, right? I am totally into Emily’s season. The change of scenery in Charlotte is nice and her “real” dates (i.e. carry my groceries in the house) are totally my speed. That’s so my married life (minus the kid, but add a dog).

I am also enjoying the downfall of Ryan (really, you’re pitching your own Bachelor season in your interviews on week 4?!) and the drama between him and Chris (from Chicago). You’ll recall Chris, who on his one-on-one date proclaimed to a concerned Emily about his age (a young’n at 25), “I’m a Man.” I totally believed it, and felt the manliness in those three words come through my television. I also noticed he has nice skin. And in that moment, I thought of my most manly yet feminine beauty product that all women should use and share with their MAN who will totally want to use it because he is a MAN.   

The MANly oil I speak of? Stark Skincare Cypress Purity + Defense Oil. Honestly, it’s the sexiest facial oil I’ve ever used. It reminds me of a hot dude. It’s akin to wearing your guy’s Old Spice deodorant, but the benefits to your skin are at a much higher level.

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Argan Nut Oil, Vitamin E, Cypress Oil, Bergamot Oil, and pure essential oils.

It’s really simple – five powerful, antioxidant-rich plant oils blended with pure essential oils to decongest skin and regulate oil production. The plant resins give it that sexy deep woodsy scent. It doesn’t get more MAN than that, right? I like the scent because it feels comforting and clean. My man likes it because it doesn’t smell girly and can be used for a comforting post-shave boost of moisture. It absorbs into the skin quickly and I swear it makes breakouts happen less (this is confirmed by Stark Founder Jessica Lafleur — the cypress oil purifies pores and regulate facial oil production!)

We don’t plan to dish out Father’s Day recommendations, but we endorse Stark’s Cypress Purity + Defense Oil as THE gift to give to your father/husband/doggy-papa/boyfriend, etc. this year. And, bonus, it’s kind of a gift for you, too!  

Available at Stark Skincare for $45.

Now….back to the Bachelorette. Let’s chat in the comments. To quote one of my favorite lines this season from a man who is not at all like the Stark Cypress Oil  MAN I envision (Kalon), “I love it when you talk, but I really wish you’d let me finish.” And you?

3 thoughts on “On Stark Skincare Cypress Purity + Defense Oil, the Bachelorette and MAN”

  1. I’ve watched every season, too. And I’m loving the demise of Ryan! I just can’t believe she kept him past this week. Send him home!

    1. I’m sure the producers made her! You can tell she is so irritated with him! Wonder who she snaps at next week? Kalon? Ryan?

      1. They must have made her keep him around a little longer. I’m dying to see who she snaps at! It looks like her and Ryan are actually kissing in the previews, so I’m thinking it’s not him. Ah, the excitement!

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