Get Prepped for NYE with the St. Tropez Golden Glow Kit

Pale and proud. That’s my motto in the winter. But even I admit, a winter tan is such a special treat (and a way to fight SAD!) I can think of no more convenient time to break out the St. Tropez than for New Year’s Eve. Consider the new St. Tropez Golden Glow Kit your go-to for tan-worthy events. For me, this kit will be a winter essential. 

For $35 (with a value of $58.50!), the Golden Glow Kit includes radiance in the form of:

  •  Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, 4 fl oz
  • Gold Skin Illuminator, 1.6 fl oz (full size!)
  • Applicator Mitt, for even application (this is ALWAYS a must with the Mousse…trust. Or your hands will reveal your secrets!)

Let’s talk about Gold Skin Illuminator. This is where the “golden glow” comes from.  It creates a transluscent shimmer to accentuate cheekbones, add dimension to the décolleté and legs, giving your skin a 3-D finish. Just be careful not to overindulge. St. Tropez offers the following advice on using the illuminator to accentuate your best features:

On the body: Use sparingly on the legs, from the mid shin down onto the top of the foot and from the mid of the thigh to the upper outer hip and thigh area to give the appearance of longer limbs. Sweep the top of the collarbone and the sides of the décolletage to accentuate your natural glow. If your skin is extra dry, mix with a bit of moisturizer for a luminous every day glow.

For the face: Use a touch on the upper cheek bone to add definition and luminosity and add a hint to the lips to create a dewy glow.

And before you even get started using the self tanner, make sure you exfoliate well in the shower.

Find out more on the Golden Glow Kit at Sephora.