Space NK Beautannia Collection

Space NK Beautannia Brideshead Collection

The Space NK Beautannia collection is quintessentially British and with the Olympics taking in place in London soon, what better time to dive into this collection?

Beautannia is about British bathing re-imagined and consists of three scents: Bloomsbury, Balfour and my personal favorite Brideshead. Bloomsbury is more of a sensual fragrance with notes of neroli, oud and sandalwood at its core while Balfour is more invigorating with green notes of fern, oakmoss and vetiver. For me Brideshead steals my heart with sweet floral notes of wintersweet, honeysuckle and wild bluebell.

Each of the Beautannia scents features the same assortment of products; soaps, body lotions, body creams, bath oils, shower gels, candles and bags. Visually, each product is beautifully presented with its gorgeously illustrated boxes and the packing itself is simple and sleek, something that would peek someone’s curiosity if they saw it in your bathroom or vanity.

If you took a look in my shower right now, you would find the Brideshead soap in my soap dish. It gives my skin a nice lather and doesn’t completely rob it of moisture. It has a beautiful scent in the shower and only lightly lingers on the skin so it doesn’t conflict with any fragrance I may want to wear later on. The Brideshead scent is so sweet and innocent but still light enough for summer. I plan on picking up a few ancillaries to layer on the scent but if nothing else, I’ll be picking up the Brideshead candle, that way I can surround myself with the scent when I’m not wearing it.

If you did want to wear one of the Beautannia collections as your fragrance, there is plenty in the way of product available for you to layer your way to greatness until the beauty gods see fit to give us an EDP. 😉

Have you tried anything from Space NK’s Beautannia line? Let’s discuss this line’s gorgeousness in the comments.

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