Spa Nordstrom: Live Like a Real Housewife, Part III

Tucked away in the back of that photo is the Spa Nordstrom pedicure station. It’s private and fancy, and where your feet get some major attention. Filled with pillows and the current issues of People and US Weekly, it’s like a private retreat within a private retreat. If you’ve only ever been to pedicures at the nail salons, then you’re missing out on a real treat. And what a treat this finale was to my day of spa-ing at the Michigan Ave Spa Nordstorm.

The Spa Pedicure begins with an herbal foot soak — like the one you get at the beginning of your spa treatments. From there, begins a serious hour of pampering. It was the longest pedicure I’ve ever had the pleasure of enduring. It’s such a myth that you should not get pedicures in the winter. I can’t tell you how many times I hear the “well, no one is seeing my feet,” or “I wear socks every day in the winter.” I actually think I say those things sometime, too. Oops! All false. Pedicures are so necessary this time of year!

From foot soak to foot scrub and skin removal. My calluses have calluses, and a little part of me scoffed at the foot file the pedicurist pulled out.  I thought, “What’s that going to do? Massage my heel?” But I quickly changed my tune, for reasons that would be TMI to get into. Needless to say, I purchased that foot file that day. For the curious, it’s called the Biosana Swiss Foot File. Spa Nordstrom sells it for $18. It’s double-sided, and even the “smoother” side should be used with caution. Damp skin is best otherwise you might literally hurt yourself.

I also opted for the paraffin dip before the polish application. For as much as I’ve mastered the DIY mani, I can never shape or paint my toe nails quite like they do at the spa or salon. I think that’s why I enjoy pedicures so much. I really feel like it’s something I can’t do myself (at least not as well). But callus maintenance, that I need to do. Very excited to have found a product that is effective without me having to essentially do a full cardio workout.

And, I’m proud to report that I stuck to the esthetician-mandated exfoliation detox. I went 15 days without any physical or chemical exfoliation (save about 5 uses of the Clarisonic). I’ll admit, it was eye opening. I was sure my pores would clog and skin cells would build up, but it was a much-needed break. My skin looks and feels better. I’ve also gotten into the habit of only washing my face at night and just rinsing in the shower in the a.m. I can tell that my skin is maintaining healthy moisture levels.

After a day at the Spa Nordstrom to kick off a New Year, I feel pretty great. My next move is to figure out when I’m going back!

Disclosure: The spa services were gratis, courtesy of Nordstrom. All opinions are my own.