Somme Institute 50% Off on HauteLook May 10!

On Thursday, May 10, beginning at 8AM Pacific, Somme Institute products will be 50% off on HauteLook. This deal is pretty phenom. Somme’s derm-developed and approved approach to skin care is simple and effective. The five-step regimen has everything you need, and at 50% off, is a sweet deal. Also worth stockpiling? Step 2, Transport, a cotton pad soaked with Somme’s MDT5 patented technology of vitamins A, B3, B5, C and E, to help improve skin tone and promote cell renewal. For $58 (pre-discount), you get 50 pads.

To get in on the Somme HauteLook action, click here.

One thought on “Somme Institute 50% Off on HauteLook May 10!”

  1. Completely unrelated but I am watching QVC here in Maine, and Benefit is on. Bad Gal lash is CLUMPING live on the models! It looks awful.. I have never tried Benefit and I am very curious about Benetint but I don’t think I will be ordering that Bad Gal Lash.. LMAOOO.. That is a serious clump going on!

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