Ten or Less: Softsoap Body Butters in Strawberry Smoother, Heavenly Vanilla and Coconut Scrub

Softsoap’s Body Butters have been in rotation in my shower for a little while now, they have been keeping my skin soft this summer. I was in a trance with Heavenly Vanilla until another scent took its place, using this in the shower practically teleports me to a tropical resort. The warm vanilla smell IS heavenly and reminds me of the tropics, there may even be a bit of amber in the scent to make the scent heavenly. Heavenly Vanilla is not a scrub but when I want some buffing action, I have been turning to Coconut Scrub and my new shower obsession: Strawberry Smoother.

Both of these scrubs have buffing grains that are gentle and small enough to use everyday without exfoliating your skin to death and they both have delicious scents that you can appreciate in the shower. What surprised me most of all with the scrubs is that you can get a really good lather going with them and you do not need to follow up with another product to make your skin feel clean, as I sometimes feel the need to do. I got Strawberry Smoother this week and have not been able to stop using it, it smells amazing in the shower. It could fit right in with Lush’s line-up. I like this one so much I actually poured a bit of it in my bathroom soap dispenser for my sink. There’s nothing wrong with a little exfoliation when I was my hands, is there? Got to keep my hands looking young! 😉

5 thoughts on “Ten or Less: Softsoap Body Butters in Strawberry Smoother, Heavenly Vanilla and Coconut Scrub”

  1. Lol I just bought this product yesterday, so I’m glad to hear it works well! I got the coconut one, I think I’ll try it out tonight. =)

  2. I really need to try these scrubs! I can almost smell them from here. Using a great scrub in the shower is not only makes my skin super smooth, but it helps to engergize me as well.

  3. Just bought the strawberry smoothie and think it’s a great product for the summer, as it has the exfoliating effect from the grains!

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