Shake My Hand

I’m a collector, when I see something in a new line of products, I pick it up even though I have no need for it. Soap and Glory’s Great Shakes Hand Creme is a fine example of this. I saw some at Target one day and couldn’t help myself even though I’m perfectly happy with my hand cream.

Soap and Glory's Great Shakes Hand Cream If you like your hand cream on the thicker side, you’ll like this product. It doesn’t absorb as quickly as I’d like it to, it takes a little bit but once it does, your hands will feel incredibly soft. I marveled at how soft my hands really were. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your hands either. As an added bonus, my hands remained moisturized after a little hand washing. Just like the line’s bubble bath, this hand cream shares the same scent. It’s a combination of bergamot, strawberries, manadarin, musk, amber and warm vanilla.

The product actually claims repeated use should bring visible reduction in dehydration related lines and wrinkles but I haven’t been using this consistently enough to attest to the claim. If you have, please let us know though.