As Seen on TV: Smooth Away Hair Remover

I was at the cash register waiting to pick up a few things in one of my drugstore trips this weekend when I saw a product at the register I had seen on TV. Curious to see how it worked, I figured I’d pick it up and I told myself something I sometimes say to myself to feel better about a purchase… “it’s for the readers”. 🙂

smooth-away-hair-removal You’ve probably seen the commercial for Smooth Away on TV. The commercial claims you can easily buff away your unwanted hair with their product. The box contains a large and small plastic pad and 4 replacement pads in each size… as you see here. The replacement pads are the equivalent of sandpaper with superfine crystals that you stick on the plastic pad, it just something for you to hold on to.

You use this product by buffing the unwanted hair off in a circular movement. I got rather annoyed when I was using Smooth Away, I tested it on my arm and I spent quite a bit of time getting the result I wanted. First it matter the hair, forming little nots all over the place. When I applied a little more pressure, I finally got a clean spot on my arm. It took me a few minutes to clear an area the size of a deck of cards. I finally got so frustrated that I just stopped trying to remove any more hair, it was just too much of a hassle.

The area on my arm was where the hair was removed definitely felt smooth but it was practically white from all the dead skin the product exfoliated and then buffed on to my arm. I don’t see why anyone would choose to use this product instead of wax or a good old-fashioned razor. It’s way too time consuming and the results are simply not worth it. Bottom line is save your money and time and put it towards something else.

3 thoughts on “As Seen on TV: Smooth Away Hair Remover”

  1. I too tried it (one of my sisters bought it) and it left all the hair on my arms broken and a white dust everywhere (ground down hair and skin?). The small finger smoother that’s meant for the face should NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THE FACE either. It just created scabs on my chin. Very unsightly!

    Use a hair removal cream, wax or get lasered. Because this is, indeed, too good to be true. xx

  2. I’ve used a similar product for above my lip that worked really well. My skin is very sensitive and I usually break out from lip waxes.

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