Smiley Therapy

This is one perfume I would have never expected. Smiley Happy Therapy is a perfume meant to make you feel… happy, or at least less stressed. The idea is to give you the same feeling you get when you eat chocolate. In fact, it contains ingredients derived from pure cocao extract. I guess everything is better with chocolate so why not this perfume?

Smiley Happy Therapy Eau de Toilette What would you imagine a perfume like this to smell like though? I imagined something clean and full of greens, something to remind me that Spring is here even though it doesn’t seem like it (it snowed in Seattle last week). The scent is the exact opposite. It features notes of bergamot, orange, cocoa, praline, curacao, patchouli, myrrh and musk. This scent has a strong opening, the sweetness in this scent are really prominent but it dries down quickly and starts becoming much softer. Then it mellows out and the warmer notes emerge and the sweeter notes are less prominent.

I’m not jumping up and down with joy and I don’t know if it’s the perfume or what but I do notice that I’m not as anxious or stressed when I wear this. Maybe you really can de-stress with fragrance, who knows but if you can take this happy therapy a step further with Smiley’s bath salts, lotion, body wash and even deodorant. You can find all of this available at Beauty Habit.