It Sends Shockwaves

Do you ever have products that you love in the store and then when you bring them home, you forget about them? That’s what happened with me and this palette until I found it again last night.

Smashbox Shockwave Fusion Eye and Cheek Palette The
Smashbox Shockwave Fusion Eye & Cheek Palette
is so adorable. It features four shimmering shadows in hues of blue, green, beige and brown then two alternating blushes in pink and rose. With the exception of your lips and mascara, you can do your whole face with this palette so you can make a little room for it in your makeup bag.

Today I’m wearing the sand shade all over the lid with a little bit of the brown in the crease. The shimmer is completely buildable. I’m wearing it a little on the lighter side so it’s not overwhelming at all but you could pack the color on with a brush for a more intense effect. When you consider you’re really getting four eyeshadows and two blushes in this palette, the price is not too bad. The only thing I’d change is the pull out compartment for the blush, it’s a little tough to slide out. Something double sided like previous palettes would have been better. Overall though, take a look at this palette next time you’re near a Smashbox counter.

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One thought on “It Sends Shockwaves”

  1. Oh cute. I so wouldn’t forget that. Well after the first couple of uses I might – I tend to throw things in the makeup drawer and unearth them a month later.

    The palettes are nice though – the colors could work for most tones.

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